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Zuidvaal Exotic Jams started in 2004 as a small business in a country kitchen. Since then the popularity of the exclusive jams has taken off to the extent that it became necessary to build a new facility with high standard production processes.

Our speciality is Nastergal jam, which is also our main industry.

Zuidvaal Exotic jams are available in most vendor stalls in the Western Cape as well as other provinces. The name Zuidvaal is derived from the farm’s position – south of the Vaalriver in the Amersfoort region, Mpumalanga.


Nastergal (African Nightshade berry) is a wild plant that grows only on the Highveld of Mpumalanga, part of Kwazulu Natal and the Free State. It occurred as a weed in our maize fields and was nearly destroyed by the herbicides that we spray on the land to control weeds. Nastergal is a purple berry and the jam also has a bright purple colour.

The jam is sold as an exotic and unique product because it’s not available everywhere. The natural berry is a small berry that can only be hand–picked when it’s ripe, so that’s why it’s very labour intense and also provides many work opportunities during the season.

During the Nastergal season, a two-month duration (February and March), the whole family helps with the cooking process. The Nastergal jam is produced on the farm itself because these soft delicate berries cannot be transported. When picked, it must be refrigerated immediately.